NLA-International DVP History

National Leather Association- International was the first SM organization to tackle domestic violence directly. The NLA-International Organization created the National Leather Association International Domestic Violence Project in 1998 and is one of many projects within the NLA-International organization. During its history NLA-International DVP has made it one of their primary objectives to distinguish the differences between SM and domestic violence.

NLA-International DVP has played an instrumental part in providing educational workshops to BDSM groups and mainstream domestic violence programs, shelters, social workers, and law enforcement. One of NLA-International DVP’s tasks during its earlier days was to transcribe their workshops, audiotape them, and send their materials to all of the national mainstream domestic violence groups in the country. As a result many mainstream domestic violence groups started making use of the NLA-International DVP’s materials within their own programs. You can still find these materials in use today.

In 1998, Jan Hall became the first Domestic Violence Chairperson. One of her biggest accomplishments while residing as the NLA-International DVP Chairperson was to draft and gain wide-spread approval on what has now become known as, “NLA-International’s Statement on Domestic Violence.”

In 1999, Lady Victoria Knight became the second NLA-International Domestic Violence Chairperson. In an effort to continue Jan Hall’s work, Victoria Knight created and published a number of small pamphlets intended to help make the distinctions between SM and abuse. By the end of 2001 a total of 12 pamphlets were created and distributed widely throughout the Leather/SM/Fetish and mainstream communities.

In February 2003, boy Joey and Keith Pollanen were appointed as Co-Chairs of NLA-International DVP. Boy Joey resigned as the NLA-International DVP Chair in May 2006. It is unknown when Keith Pollanen resigned. Some of the many accomplishments during Boy Joey’s term was the creation of the NLA-International Domestic Violence Project website launched in 2003 and the creation of NLA-International Domestic Violence Project pins and banner in 2004.

Many groups, individuals, projects, coalitions, and law enforcement officials have helped NLA-International DVP flourish over the years. It is the hopes of NLA-International DVP to continue it’s work to help individuals KNOW THE DIFFERENCE .

At a Glance: NLA-International Domestic Violence Project Chair History

1998-1999- Jan Hall

1999-2003- Victoria Knight

February 2003 boy Joey, and Keith Pollanen were appointed as Co-Chairs of NLA-International DVP. boy Joey resigned in May 2006. It is unknown when Keith Pollanen resigned.

2006-2011 – seraphina

2011-2012 – Rikki

2014-2015 – Goldie

2015-2015 – Beth

2016 – The current Chair is Pat