What We Do


Overview: What does NLA-International DVP do for the BDSM Community?

The NLA-International DVP is continually striving to make the project a vital part of the Leather/SM/Fetish communities. Some of the activities NLA-International DVP participates in include:

  • NLA-International DVP offers workshops for individuals in the Leather/SM/Fetish communities.
  • NLA-International DVP provides safety plans for victims to get out of abusive intimate partner relationships.
  • NLA-International DVP provides pamphlets for individuals, groups, and events. These pamphlets help individuals distinguish the differences between a healthy relationship and an abusive relationship.
  • NLA-International DVP distributes postcards to individuals, groups, and events. These postcards supply individuals with information on how to get help, distinguishing the difference between abuse and a healthy relationship, and where to go if they need additional information or help.
  • NLA-International DVP publishes a quarterly newsletter with information on resources, NLA-International DVP updates, and other related domestic violence information. The newsletters are free and subscriptions are open to anyone who wants to receive the NLA-International DVP’s newsletter.
  • NLA-International DVP maintains a resource directory for individuals to browse and find agencies and services that are empathetic and willing to work with individuals in the Leather/SM/Fetish communities. If a resource is not available for a particular area, a NLA-International DVP Regional Coordinator or the NLA-International DVP chair will work with individuals to find the resources or help they need.
  • NLA-International DVP provides training, NLA-International DVP pamphlets, or other NLA-International DVP related materials to domestic violence agencies and services at the state, national, and international levels when it is necessary to improve or educate services and agencies about the BDSM/Kink/Leather communities.
  • NLA-International DVP actively investigates and works with domestic violence agencies and services to discern their level of acceptance and willingness to work with individuals in the BDSM/Kink/Leather communities.