Statement of Purpose

The National Leather Association-International Official Statement on Domestic Violence 

The National Leather Association-International (NLA-International) calls on the Leather/SM/Fetish community to take the lead in reducing domestic violence through education.

No group is free of domestic violence, assault or abuse; but fear, denial and lack of knowledge have slowed public response to this serious social problem. The NLA-International is committed to reducing all forms of domestic violence by:

1. Showing community action can reduce violence.

2. Holding offenders/abusers accountable for choosing to be violent. Using drugs or alcohol as an excuse for domestic violence, assault or abuse is unacceptable.

3. Encouraging victims to take legal action against the offender/abuser.

4. Encouraging the offender/abuser to seek treatment and the victim to seek support.

5. Listening and supporting those who have the courage to tell us and help them end their shame and isolation.

6. Educating the legal and social service system about the differences between consensual SM and domestic violence, assault and abuse, and to encourage their appropriate intervention.

7. Taking the responsibility of educating the SM community about the forms of domestic violence, assault and abuse as well as its extent and severity. Domestic violence takes many forms: physical violence, assault, isolation, outright or subtle psychological and emotional abuse, economic control, sexual assault and abuse as well as the destruction of personal property. Non-consensual manipulation and assault are not part of SM. The NLA-International advocates relationships based on personal responsibility, honesty and integrity in which power and pleasure is derived from mutual respect.

8.Promoting information about where to go for help.